35 Great Pros and Cons Topics for Argumentative Research Paper

Topics with pros and cons are fun to write about, especially when you choose exciting and controversial topics. Pros and cons essays are beneficial to students in that they help students understand what issues to write about. In addition, these types of essays are technical and essential in building your analytical skills; they allow you to view issues more deeply.

How to write pros and cons research paper outline

Writing a pros and cons paper starts with thorough research, where you flesh out your pros and cons into a list. Once you’ve done that, the next thing is to outline them; start by sorting one first before the other. Below is a typical pros and cons research paper outline:

  • Introduction: the introduction will contain your thesis, usually in the last paragraph; this is a direct statement of your paper’s central points.
  • Paragraphs: the body paragraph of your paper will clearly outline the pros and cons of the issue you’re writing about. Let each argument occupy one paragraph, stay charitable to each side, and summarize the most substantial points fairly, even if you disagree.
  • Conclusion: the conclusion section summarizes your points and outlines any further questions your paper may have raised. You will also need to note if there’s a need for more research on the issue you’ve raised.

How to choose the right pro con topic to write on

Below are some tips on choosing the best from the many pros and cons topics to base your research on. With these tips, you can write a solid and engaging essay for which your teacher will be inclined to award an “A”.

  • Choose a topic that genuinely interests you by thinking about the things you like – sports, technology, nature, anything.
  • Choose a topic with an equal level of good and bad sides, a theme on which you can build an award-winning essay.
  • Go for controversial writing prompts, but this means you need to choose a topic with enough supporting evidence.
  • Discuss your idea with someone; they could be your colleague, senior, parents, or even your teacher.

Pros and Cons Topics List

If you’re short on ideas for your pro-con research paper, here are thirty-five great topics to choose from.

Good pros and cons topics

  1. Is homework a good idea for preschoolers?
  2. Obtaining a master’s degree: a step toward a better future or a waste of time?
  3. Is moving into campus hostels a good or bad idea?
  4. Disadvantages and Advantages of High Tuition
  5. Is it advisable to take a gap year before entering college?
  6. Motivating students to get an education: yes or no?
  7. Merits and demerits of digital education

Pro con controversial topics

  1. Legalizing assisted suicide
  2. An outright ban on junk foods
  3. Merits and demerits of co-ed schools
  4. Censoring song lyrics
  5. Movement for the abolishment of exams
  6. Should children own phones?
  7. Why the monarchy should be abolished

Pros and cons debate topics on technology

  1. Is social media popularity a blessing or a curse?
  2. Online dating: has it done more harm than good?
  3. iPhone is a better smartphone than android
  4. What is the point of becoming a technician?
  5. Addiction to cell phones: enumerating the dangers
  6. E-books vs. physical books: which has made life easier?
  7. Technology advancement: a blessing or a curse?

Pros and cons ideas for health research paper topics

  1. The pros and cons of wearing
  2. Does hospice provide a home or despair for those already dying?
  3. Studying at medical university: is it worth it?
  4. The upsides and downsides of alternative medicine
  5. Is dieting a good option for people looking to lose weight?
  6. Should people become vegetarians?
  7. Benefits and dangers of modern vaccines

Pros and cons topics for students

  1. Benefits and dangers of giving gifts to strangers
  2. Parents punishing their children for misbehaving
  3. Should you help people even when you don’t have much?
  4. Is the provision of free apartments for homeless people a viable solution?
  5. The positive and negative sides to living in a third world country
  6. Why you shouldn’t have children when you’re poor
  7. Boldness regardless of the circumstances: stupid or noble?


One of the major keys to writing a great argumentative research paper is knowing how to choose the right topic. Your writing skills will improve impressively once you can learn how to choose pros and cons essay topics.

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