40 Excellent Humanities Research Paper Topics & Ideas

Choosing a research paper topic takes a lot of research, brain-wracking, reasoning, reading, etc. You have to put in the work if you want to choose the best topic. After all, only a great research paper topic can produce an excellent paper;

Methods Section of Research Paper: All You Need to Know

The methodology of a research paper is a pivotal portion of academic writing, a roadmap to the core of the research. You’re telling people how you carried out your study, taking your audience through the journey you took to reach your destination.

35 Great Pros and Cons Topics for Argumentative Research Paper

Topics with pros and cons are fun to write about, especially when you choose exciting and controversial topics. Pros and cons essays are beneficial to students in that they help students understand what issues to write about. In addition, these types of

Difference Between MLA and APA Styles: Format and Citation

APA and MLA are the most common forms of formatting and citation in research papers for colleges and journals. If you’re new to writing research papers, you probably don’t know the difference between MLA and APA. However, the writing styles of MLA