40 Excellent Humanities Research Paper Topics & Ideas

Choosing a research paper topic takes a lot of research, brain-wracking, reasoning, reading, etc. You have to put in the work if you want to choose the best topic. After all, only a great research paper topic can produce an excellent paper; you can tell the success of a paper from its topic. This article will give you hints and secrets to choosing the best research paper topics in humanities.

Tips for choosing a topic for humanities research paper

Before we give you our suggestions for topics for humanities research, let’s share how you can choose a great topic. Perhaps, after reading this, you won’t need our ideas because you’d have come up with a few yourself. So, what makes a great topic, and how can you choose a topic that’ll make writing a humanities paper a breeze?

  • Choose a topic you can talk about; don’t choose a topic to impress your professors. Students often select complex topics they have little to no understanding of, believing it’ll impress their supervisors and professors. It would have, except that they end up fumbling; when asked questions, they’re unable to provide answers. So, choose a topic you can talk confidently about and answer questions on – even if it’s simple.
  • There are many branches of humanities; choose a topic, not a branch, and be specific. Choose a topic you can talk about in detail, and considering the broadness of humanities studies, you’ll need to break sections into sections. So, choose a humanities research topic that won’t be too cumbersome for you to write.
  • Choose a humanities research topic you are interested in and that people will be interested in reading.
  • Don’t be afraid to discard topics you feel you can’t write on; we recommend having several on hand. It may happen that you chose a topic but couldn’t find enough information; you will need to select another.
  • Read articles, lecture notes, and journals, and check online for ideas on humanities research topics. The more you read, the clearer you see the knowledge gap, and the more ideas will flow.

Humanities research topics for a distinction-worthy paper

Below, we’ve listed some topics in humanities, both general and in some selected areas. You can choose a topic from this list or let it serve as an inspiration for a topic of interest.

Best-rated humanities paper topics

  1. The roadmap to greater human flourishing
  2. Contemporary music
  3. Political commentary
  4. Applying Socrates to the western democracy in the 21st century
  5. The development of US democracy vs. the Bible
  6. The enlightenment age
  7. Medicine and theology

Easy humanities research paper topics

  1. Why study humanities?
  2. The concept of Social Darwinism
  3. Dissemination of ideas in the printing press
  4. Racism
  5. Humans and violence
  6. Religion: human and animal sacrifices
  7. The education experience and gender

Impressive humanities topics ideas

  1. The tension and disparities between religion and science
  2. How photography shapes public opinion
  3. Analyzing the different branches of anthropology
  4. The relationship of the various aspects of the social sciences with humanities
  5. Human archaeology: what roles do architecture, biofacts, and ecofacts play?
  6. The origin of human biology in classical Greek

Interesting humanities topics

  1. Physical sciences in the scholarly arena
  2. Contemporary conceptions of humanities studies
  3. Does breaking down humanities into other majors have any impact?
  4. Viewing how the world works through sociology
  5. The factors affecting young adults in the 21st century
  6. Why is child abuse still pertinent in the 21st century?
  7. People’s reaction toward social policies

Latest topics in humanities

  1. The role of video games in societal violence
  2. Fashion: a distraction in society?
  3. Body images that appeal to emotions
  4. Social issues affecting college students
  5. What part of statistical data concerns the population?
  6. Addressing the gender divide in society
  7. The cultural construct of the feminine and masculine identity
  8. Artists in times of war

Medical humanities research topics for a great paper

  1. Humanistic and ethical dimensions of medicine
  2. Is medicine related to humanities: how?
  3. Doctor-patient relationships: influencing factors
  4. Patient-doctor confidentiality: when to jump the line
  5. Limited medical resources’ impact on medical care access


If you’ve got a paper to write soon but are blank on humanities project ideas, you can use any of these. Feel free to ask for help from your colleagues, neighbors, and even your instructor; there’s a good chance they know something you don’t. Remember, choosing the best topic is not about impressing your professor; it’s about you being able to do justice to it.

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