Newspaper Benchmarking

Our mission is to provide best practice management consulting services to companies in the newspaper industry. These services address the challenge that boards of directors and senior executives face in their daily operations, including matters of mission, governance, strategy development and implementation, organization structure, business process transformation and re-engineering, operational improvement, benchmarking, competitive analysis, post-merger integration, market entry and other benchmarking activities. The Benchmarking Network's services fill a growing need for new approaches in providing management counsel to board of directors and executive management industries experiencing rapid change. Benchmarking helps to identify the forces which shape unprecedented competitive, technological, social, regulatory, and political pressures. To help our clients achieve business and market success, TBN is committed to being the leader in Benchmarking Consultant services. We combine the analytical and other benchmarking capabilities of much larger consulting firms with the flexibility and efficiency only available in smaller ones. We maintain total dedication to, quite simply, being the best in what we do.

The Benchmarking Network consists of a group of skilled and mature general management consultants to companies in a variety of industries. We provide our clients with the proven ability to bring practical and actionable best practice solutions to difficult management concerns faced by senior managers. Our management consulting services address the challenges that senior executives and board members must face in their regulated and non-regulated operations. This includes matters of mission, governance, strategy development and implementation, organization structure, business process transformation and re-engineering, operational improvement, benchmarking, competitive analysis, post-merger integration, market analysis and strategy, and other benchmarking issues.

In concert with carefully chosen affiliates and joint venture partners, we are able to provide a wide range of additional specialized services to our clients, including onsite benchmarking training for the employees.

We combine a base of exceptionally experienced partners with an extensive and expert network of professional consultants and affiliated firms. Therefore, our clients receive the full capability of a large, diversified benchmarking consulting firm with the flexibility and cost-efficiency of a smaller one.

TBN serves a large number of clients, providing them with a unique blend of relevant experience, objective advice, creative ideas, and new management tools. Our client's interests are placed above all else as we partner with them and move successfully into an environment of increased competition and change.

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This service is provided by The Benchmarking Network, Inc., an international resource for business process research and metrics. We lead studies with over 140,000 process leaders in over 65 countries. We provide benchmarking training and research to individual companies, professional and trade associations, and industry and process based groups. Since 1992, our over 300 benchmarking studies have spanned virtually all processes and industries to identify measures and collect data.

The Benchmarking Network, Inc.

The Benchmarking Network, Inc. (TBN) is an organization of experienced Benchmarking specialists solely dedicated to using Benchmarking to develop value-based performance improvement opportunities for corporations worldwide. We utilize proven processes and systems to streamline our efforts to achieve high impact results on a timely basis. We utilize our network of over 140,000 domestic and international contacts to provide the basis for successful global Benchmarking solutions.

  • Extensive benchmarking experience - serving our clients since 1992
  • Demonstrated ability to recruit world class companies as participants
  • Experienced at formulating Fasttrakk™ surveys designed to fulfill short-term requirements
  • Experienced at formulating comprehensive project plans to guide complex benchmarking studies
  • Experienced at developing probing benchmarking survey questionnaires that support best practices analyses
  • Quality of delivered studies has produced many repeat study commissions

What We Offer

Benchmarking Studies Our benchmarking studies are a collaborative learning process among a group of companies to focus on specific operating practices, compare measures and results and identify improved processes within their organizations. Key Components

  • Data gathering in the form of detailed surveys of measures and processes;
  • Identification of best performers; and
  • Site visits to the best companies
  • Benchmarking looks at best practices
  • Within the industry; and
  • Outside the industry - out-of-box

How Benchmarking Can Benefit Your Company

The first step in any successful internal Benchmarking project is establishing an adequate foundation of understanding of the Benchmarking process as it is defined by corporations today. The Benchmarking Network provides general and customized courses in Benchmarking. With Introduction to Benchmarking participants gain complete understanding of the concepts of Benchmarking through identification and analysis of Real Life case study examples. The Benchmarking Network will facilitate this course at your location or at other locations throughout the world. All courses and course materials can be customized and licensed for your company and industry.

  • You can identify best practices.
  • You can change your processes
  • You can measure your improvement
  • You can demonstrate your ability to stay with the leading edge practices.